Identity Theft from A to G

More Tips On Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing crime, and if you don’t take steps to protect yourself you may later come to regret. Below you’ll learn some easy to remember, but nevertheless important tips for reducing your risk of identity theft.

“A” Stands For Always

Always shred important financial documents such as bank and credit card statements.

“B” is for Be Careful

Be careful when you are in public. When standing in line at the mall, don’t hold your credit card so that other shoppers can see it.

“C” is for Create

Create an identity theft kit and keep in a locked file cabinet. Include contact info and credit card account numbers so that you have all that information handy in case your wallet or purse is stolen. You can simply refer to your kit and contact your bank and credit card companies.

“D” is for Don’t

Don’t give out your social security number unless absolutely necessary. And don’t provide your social security number to anyone over the phone, especially to an unsolicited caller.

“E” Stands for Expect

Expect that if you do unfortunately become a victim of identity theft that you will have to spend many, many hours trying to do damage control.

“F” is for Face

Face reality. If you find out you have become victimized by identity theft, don’t be too embarrassed to report it. Some consumers are reluctant to report identity theft because they think it reflects negatively on them. As a result of their silence, they are further jeopardizing their financial future and credit rating.

“G” is for Get Copies

Get copies of your credit reports on a regular basis. It’s important to check your credit report periodically for any unauthorized activity. Keep in mind there are three main credit-reporting agencies, so you should alternate between these three agencies when ordering copies of your credit report.

The above tips for preventing identity theft can go a long way towards minimizing your risk. Identity theft is a serious crime, but luckily there are serious measures you can take to reduce your risk.


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