Identity Theft Doesn't Just Happen to Adults

Protect Your Children from Identity Theft

When most of us think about identity theft, we think about how adults and senior citizens are often the victim of the crime. However, identity theft criminals aren’t discriminatory when it comes to the age of their victims. In fact, victims as young as two years old have experienced identity theft. How do you protect your child from becoming a victim?

Their Information Need To Be Kept Safe Too

In the same way that you protect your own personal information, make sure that you protect your children’s information too. Don’t ever give out your child’s social security number and make sure you keep their personal documents locked up safely.

Run Their Credit Reports

Okay, it might sound weird, but you should run your child’s credit report on an annual basis. Think your child doesn’t have a credit report? You’re wrong. Everyone with a social security number can have a credit report run on them. While it may take a few more steps to order a credit report for a child than it does for an adult, it is well worth the effort and can help protect your child from identity theft.


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