Identity Theft Criminals Prey Our Our Desires

Don't Let Greed Cause Identity Theft

It seems that everyone wants something for nothing, and identity theft criminals are all very well aware of this fact. That's probably why they use our minor greed to hit us with schemes that are too good to be true (and you know they are). Here are some common "too good to be true" scams that identity theft criminals pull.

Help Me Claim My Money

A long lost relative or even a complete stranger emails you begging for your help claiming a large sum of money. They just need your bank details to do it. Of course, they'll share their huge fortune with you. Just give them your name, bank account number and other personal information and you're on your way to untold riches, right?


But you may be on your way to identity theft! And trust me, it's going to be a nightmare.

Identity theft crooks know that it's hard to pass up free money. Don't fall for their cons. If someone tries getting you to claim money for them, walk away and walk fast.

You Won!

So you won a lottery you never played or a sweepstakes you never entered. They just need a few of your personal details to confirm your prize. Don't fall for it.

You have to enter something to win anything. If you didn't apply for the sweepstakes or buy the lottery ticket yourself, you haven't won a thing except a brush with identity theft.

Just a Few Moments of Your Time

This is one of my favorites (or least favorites, so to say). You get a call from a "survey" company willing to pay you for your time. They just need to ask you a few questions. The survey seems legit.. They ask questions about what you like to do, what types of magazines you read, etc. Then the catch comes.

Before they can pay you for your time, they need to get some "demographic" information from you including your name, address, birth date, where you bank and your social security number. If you fall for it, you're going to be the next victim of identity theft.

Do yourself a favor, if someone wants you to conduct a survey over the phone and you want to give them your time, go ahead. Just don't give them ANY personal or identifying information at all. If they're a legit survey company, they should already have your name and address so you shouldn't have to provide any information that could possibly lead to identity theft.

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