Has YOUR Social Security Number Been Stolen for Employment Fraud?

A Growing Identity Theft Problem

We keep hearing that measures are being taken to combat identity theft. People are monitoring their credit reports, shredding credit applications and installing safety programs on their computers. While some may say identity theft is on the decrease, a certain form of identity theft certainly seems to be on the rise.

A Serious Problem

Let’s say you are on disability due to a serious injury or illness. Then one day the Social Security Administration contacts you investigating whether or not you have been committing fraud. See, you’re disabled and have been receiving disability benefits, but the social security administration also has records that you’ve been working at a local factory. You know for a fact you haven’t been working, so what in the world is going on?

It’s identity theft. I don’t care what your views are on illegal immigration -- the fact of the matter is that when illegal immigrants come over here and figure out they need to work for more than five dollars an hour, they have to get a social security number to do it. The government isn’t going to issue them one, so they’ll buy one off the street -- one that’s been stolen from a law-abiding citizen. May not be fair, but the fact of the matter is that it happens.

Look At the Facts

Think I’m lying or exaggerating? Here are some facts that the State of Colorado’s Department of Labor and Employment recently released. During the reporting period for 2006’s first quarter, there were more than 350 social security numbers used more than six times each. This means that for each social security number this happened to, more than six people had stolen it and used it for employment purposes. Think that’s bad? One social security number was reported by fifty-seven employers, meaning that the person who rightfully has that social security number had been the victim of identity theft more than fifty times over. I don’t know what else to say, other than it’s outraging, sick and wrong.

Protect Yourself

Almost everyone knows they need to check their credit reports on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we need to add another report to our “must check regularly” list. I highly suggest that each and every year, you look at a copy of your Social Security Statement. This statement will alert you if there is any suspicious employment or earnings connected to your social security number.

You should get a Social Security Statement automatically each year. If you don’t you should request one. To find out more about what a Social Security Statement is and how to get your copy, visit the Social Security Statement information website.


This points up the fact that all illegals should be returned to their respective countries as soon as possible. Additionally all employers that knowingly employ them should be charged with acrime and punished. Thank You, Ed & Vera Link

thank you for this article.

Yikes! That's sort of scary. I've heard that there are semi-legitimate places on the 'net where SS#'s can be bought and sold. I hope sooner or later the US Government steps in and allows us to change our SS#'s, or enable better protection of such a sensitive piece of information.

Worked for the SS Admin for 8 years retired in 1998. recvd
many calls from illegal aliens re SSN's which they were using
illegally. Their answer was,
"even though I won't receive
the benefits at retirement, I'll continue to use someone
elses SSN. I don't want to live like I would live in Mexico, I have a family that needs more than that." Supvsr said there is nothing we can do about it!!!!
Something more to worry about!

It might come to the point that we will need to be photographed periodically. Then when an employer hires a person with a SS number, they will have to go on line to verify the owner of that number. Unfortunately, it is not just the illegals that use stolen SS#s. Anyone that wants to hide their identity will use a stolen SS#.

Time to bring on the National Identification Card. These cards would have the persons picture and national ID number on it. Employers would be required to have a copy of this on file, just like a drivers license is taken by most employers today. They might even make them with electronic tags that can be activated/deactivaed when you have a drivers license. Or any other license they want to add to it for that matter. No need for anymore visas for U.S. residents and would even get rid of the need for state ID cards. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to forge one of these and any employer found with an employee who doesn't have one would automatically get a six month jail sentence. There would be no excuses since anyone without a card will be considered an illegal immigrant.

bottom line is that anyone can steal your ss# not just immigrants. we need to maybe have our pictures on our ss cards or something to that effect. more protection especially for the elderly and disabled.

I absolutely agree with the comment above regarding photo and SSN matches. I found that someone used my SS# for work purposes. I got a bill from the IRS saying that I did not claim all the income on my taxes. This was for the tax year of 2004. I am still trying to resove this issue with them. Meanwhile, interest and penalties are stacking up. There has got to be a solution or does our government not care!

I recently tried to open a bank account at Boeing Credit Union. Someone in New Mexico was using my social security number to open bank accounts. I have no idea how they got my number - I have not lost my card and I shred documents with my info on it. They had owed many banks money on my SS#. I was not notified because the accounts were not open in my name - they just used my SS#. I felt like I committed fraud based on the way Boeing Credit Union was treating me. I got the information, called my attorney law firm and cleared it up within about 2 months. Had I not applied for a new bank account who knows how much damage they could have done......

I believe, if Business Institutions were held responsible by having to pay restitution and general damages to the victim they would put procedures in place to verify that the SS# matches the person's name through social security administration.

Social Security Numbers should only be given to citizens of the United States. Legal immigrants and those with working visas should have a separate number, and should not be able to carry the SS benefits outside the US. Why should we continue to send social security money to other countries? Why should we pay into a system that allows people to go back home and live a higher lifestyle on taxes taken out of our paychecks too.

Personally I belief our government has been aware of SSN fraud for years and a willing participant. It has only become an issue since it is starting to become a major problem for individuals. The simplest solution is a SSN verification center that employers can use to verify the legitimacy of a number just as we can call MVD and get a persons driving record. I am an employer and if I receive notification that a SSN doesn't match I cannot fire this person basically they require me to give them time to buy a fake number that is maybe used by 5 others, if I fire them I am discriminating and can be sued for discrimination.

In that illegal immigration Bill that was pasted in the Senate as of late that gives benefits to illegal aliens. The Government will put an O.K. on known Social Sercuity fraud for illegal alien felons and the crimes they commited. These are the very same crimes Americans go to prison for all the time.How can our Government make felony acts legal?and make those actions legal just for one group of people and yet punish those crimes when others commit those crime. This whole thing is insane-Sence when do we grant benefits to people we know have broke the law before and will keep riping off the systim over and over till there is nothing left, for people that have a LEGAL rite to those benefits.In other words how do we vairify false numbers and how meany sets of false numbers they have used in the past???????

It’s terrible to know that our personal information is never safe. There are so many companies leaking out our information and so many..many scams. It is scary to think about what crooks can do with that information.

Here is a good identity theft protection plan I have found if anyone is looking for one.

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