Identity Theft And The World of Illusion

Identity Theft Happens When Things Aren't What They Seem

Many of the con artists that run identity theft scams do so by “impersonating” legitimate businesses. While the scams vary, the results is the same... Someone becomes the victim of an identity theft crime. If you want to prevent identity theft from happening to you and those you care about, you need this information.

Fishy Phishing

Phishing scams are identity theft scams that try to elicit sensitive personal information. In order to do this, the scammers pose as legitimate businesses such as a bank or credit card company or even a website like PayPal or eBay.

These types of crimes are so successful because the emails look very legitimate and readers do believe that they came from the actual companies that the criminals are trying to impersonate. If you want to prevent identity theft, knowing about phishing scams is a must.

Have You Been Targeted?

You probably receive at least one phishing email per week. In fact, a scam involving eBay is currently circulating. The email appears to be from a potential buyer who has a problem with an item you have sold or questions about an item you are selling.

The email in question (and almost all other phishing emails) has a link at the bottom for you to sign into your eBay account. The problem is, while the website looks like eBay it's not really eBay. It's not anything more than a clone site that records your eBay user ID and password the moment you log in.

If you ever click a link in one of these emails, you're going to become the victim of identity theft. The only way to prevent this type of identity theft from happening is to make sure you never sign into any website from an email link -- EVER!

If you do want to sign into a website after receiving a questionable email, close the email and open your Web browser. Than type the URL of the website manually. Only then can you be sure you're logging into the actual site and that identity theft won't come into play.

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