Identity Theft and Social Security Cards

One Simple Way to Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Identity theft can be a nightmare for those who are unfortunate enough to become victims it. Because of this, it is wise to take every step possible in order to reduce your risk. Since your social security number is one of the most valuable bits of information to identity theft criminals, you should safeguard that nine-digit number as though your financial security depended on it -- because it does.

The Key To The Number

You’re careful about everyone you give your social security number to and you safeguard your computer as though it contains top-secret government files. You think your social security number is safe from prying eyes -- but you may be wrong. If you’re not guarding your social security card as carefully as you guard the information that’s on it, all of your identity theft prevention efforts may be in vain.

You’re probably wondering how you can keep your social security card safe from identity theft criminals. There is really only one place your social security card should be. Where? In a fire-proof safe. Many people carry their social security cards in their wallets, and that is a very bad idea. If your purse or wallet is ever stolen, a criminal would have immediate access to your social security card, and would therefore have immediate access to your social security number -- not to mention the information on your driver’s license and your credit cards.

The safest and best spot for your social security is tucked away in a safe so no one has access to it. If you need to present your social security card for any reason to a company, you can always retrieve your social security card then; then return your social security card to the safe immediately after you are finished with it.

Unnecessary Risks

There is really no reason to carry your social security card in your purse or wallet. The only thing carrying your card around with you does is increase your risk of identity theft. Your social security card is almost like a gold mine for identity theft criminals. Why make it easier for criminals to steal your identity?

If you are looking for a great way to reduce your risk of identity theft, follow the above advice. Identity theft will always be a concern for consumers, but you can reduce your risk by leaving your social security card at home.

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