Identity Theft and Ordering Checks Online

Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft by Avoiding Online Check-Printing Companies

What would happen if you woke up one morning and every red cent in your checking account was gone? You couldn’t take cash out of the ATM, checks you had written were bouncing, you were accruing NSF fees and bounced check charges faster than you had ever imagined possible. If you’re not careful about where you get your checks from, this could very well happen to you.

Not All Check Printers Are Created Equal

If you want to reduce your risk of identity theft, you need to be vigilant about which companies you order checks from. Many consumers order checks online due to the fact that the checks are often significantly cheaper than the checks the banks offer.

The savings offered by online check printing companies is a good motivator for many people, and there are some consumers who never order another box of checks from their banks after the first box runs out. However, that savings may come at a high price if your checking account information falls into the wrong hands due to an online check order.

Pause For Thought

For just a moment, think about all of the information you provide when you have your checks printed. You have to give the check printing company all of your account information (including the routing number and actual account number). This information can be seen by many employees at the company. Do you really know whether or not you can trust an online check printing company, let alone the employees they hire?

When you order online, you can never really be sure that the company you are ordering from is simply not a fly-by-night company who paid a small, nominal fee to set up a website in order to get financial information for the purposes of committing identity theft. It’s not that difficult to create a professional-looking website that consumers could be easily fooled by.

Even if the company is reputable, you might not be home when the checks are delivered. If your mailbox is left unlocked, your checks can be stolen. At least when you order from the bank, you have the option of picking up your checks in person which eliminates some potential for identity theft.

Protecting Yourself

Playing defense is the best remedy against identity theft. Order checks from your bank, even if it means that you will pay a little more for them. A few dollars isn’t too much to pay for the security and peace of mind that you won’t be at a greater risk of identity theft.

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