Identity Theft and Job Fraud

How the Promise of a Job Can Lead to Identity Theft

In today’s market there are millions of people looking for jobs and identity theft criminals have found a way to benefit from the situation. Internet job banks have quickly become the job resource of choice and identity theft criminals know this. That’s why they’ve covertly invaded the job banks and are preying on those looking for employment.

What Are You Willing to Do for a Job?

Let’s think for a moment about what we’re willing to do to get a job. If a potential employer asked you to fill out an application, would you? What if they needed you to fill out a form with your personal information so they could conduct a background check? Many people wouldn’t hesitate to fill out an application or a background check form in order to get a job with great pay and great benefits and the information we’re giving on these forms is exactly what’s needed for purposes of identity theft.

Who Are They Really?

When you’re applying for employment online, do you really know the company you’re applying with? If you’ve never heard of the company or you can’t confirm the person you’re talking to is really from the company in question, you should think twice before giving them any of your personal information since that information can lead to identity theft. After all, an employer really shouldn’t need your social security number until after you’ve received a firm offer of employment, which usually doesn’t happen unless you’ve met with someone face to face.

It’s also important to understand that an employer should never, ever ask for your bank account numbers or credit card information regardless of what excuse they give you so if an employer asks for this information, red flags should immediately go up.

Don’t Be Too Eager

While it’s true that many employers will make job seekers jump through hoops in order to become an employee, you should never compromise your identity and putting yourself at risk of identity theft is a nightmare you don’t want to go through. When searching for a job be safe, skeptical and vigilant and you should do just fine.


I remember going into a temp agency one time, looking to see what kind of work they might have. On the desk of the secretary taking people's information was a sheet of paper from a previous applicant. On it was all the information a thief would need to really screw up this person's life.

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