Identity Theft and Holiday Shopping

Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Identity Theft This Holiday Season

This holiday season it is so important to make sure that you take special precautions to reduce your risk of identity theft. The holiday season is, unfortunately, a prime season for identity theft criminals. If you want to make sure this holiday season doesn’t turn into an identity theft nightmare, you’re going to want to adhere to the following advice.

So Much On Our Minds

Consumers are always somewhat vulnerable to identity theft, but we tend to be more vulnerable during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. Consider how busy shopping malls can get during the hectic holiday season. Customers can get very frazzled and become forgetful. If you’ve been standing in line for a while and your toddler has a meltdown, you will probably begin to get forgetful or careless. This can result in a future nightmare.

Protect Yourself

There are some important tips you should keep in mind to reduce your risk of identity theft. When paying for a purchase, don’t flash your credit card. Keep it in your hands with the numbers covered until it is time to swipe your card. After you swipe your card, put it back into your wallet.

Many times the sales associate will want to see your card to compare your signature with the signature on your credit card. Always make sure that you have your credit card back before leaving the store. Sales associates can get frazzled too especially if they worked a long shift. So, always double check that your credit card is safely tucked back into your wallet.

You should be fairly safe if you don’t leave your credit card behind and you make sure other shoppers can’t see your credit card. During the holidays, your online purchases will probably increase as well, which also raises your risk of identity theft to some degree.

Follow the above tips this holiday season. Reducing your risk of identity theft will allow you to enjoy this holiday season without having to worry about what may happen after.

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