Identity Theft and Airports

How To Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft While Traveling

Identity theft has become increasingly prevalent, and that fact requires special consideration be given to many routine tasks. In addition to being vigilant and shredding important financial documents on the home front, it is important to take special precautions when traveling to protect yourself from identity theft.

Keep It With You

It seems unnecessary to address this topic, but many people don’t realize the importance of keeping their wallets and credit cards with them when traveling in airports. It is never advisable to store your purse or wallet in your luggage and then check your luggage in at the airport. There are a number of reasons why this practice can potentially lead to identity theft.

When you check your bags in at the airport, you have to assume that anyone can or will access your luggage. The number of individuals who will be in contact with your luggage and have access to it is probably higher than you think, and this increases your risk of identity theft. The contents of your luggage can easily be investigated in your absence.

Your Luggage May Sprout Feet

Another potential problem is when you go to claim your luggage at the airport. It is very easy for someone to walk off with your luggage if you aren’t attentive. Airport baggage claim can get pretty crowded, and sometimes luggage gets stolen. It is certainly horrible to have any of your items stolen, but it is even more problematic if your luggage contains your wallet, credit cards, or other personal or financial information. Identity theft is always a concern when you leave your wallet or purse out of your sight. When you are waiting to board your plane, keep your purse with you when you go to get a snack. Wear a hip carrier if it is more convenient and keep your wallet in there.

Make sure that you have your most recent address on your luggage so that it can be returned to you if it is lost, but definitely avoid storing your purse, wallet, or credit cards in your luggage when traveling. Keep your wallet or purse with you when you board the plane, and only keep items in your luggage that you won’t mind someone else accessing. The above advice can be useful in helping you to avoid becoming the victim of identity theft.

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