Identity Theft after the Holidays

It Pays to Learn All You Can about Identity Theft

Even though Christmas is over, identity theft is still a reason for concern. Just last week an employee at a Delaware mall was arrested for identity theft. Apparently, she took the credit card information of customers she sold gift cards to and used that information to buy gift cards for herself. Just think of how often you used your credit cards this holiday season and how many sales associates you came into contact with this holiday shopping season. The more purchases you made, the greater your risk of identity theft.

This Is The Month To Be Extra Careful

Take a look at your credit card statements as they arrive in the upcoming weeks. Make sure that every single entry on your credit card statements is for something that you purchased. Cross reference your credit card statements with the receipts if you still have them. Hand onto your credit card statements for easy reference for the next few months. If you suspect you’ve been the victim of identity theft, it can be good to see a breakdown of where you shopped at and when.

Where's Your Paper Trail?

If you haven’t saved your receipts from your holiday shopping, you should definitely aim to do that next year. Stores hire a lot of seasonal employees during the holiday season. Certainly, any employee can commit identity theft. However sometimes people who want to commit identity theft will seek out temporary employment opportunities that provide them with access to personal financial information. They aren’t concerned about “losing” their jobs because they only sought employment to gain access to customer credit card information.

It’s a good idea to check your credit reports every year. January can be a good time to request your report because it is easy to remember to do this after New Year’s every single year. Periodically reviewing your credit report is an important step in limiting and even discovering identity theft.

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