How Illegal Drug Use and Identity Theft are Related

Identity Theft and Methamphetamine Use

A recent news article focused on the connection between identity theft and methamphetamine use. Confused? It might seem illogical. What could identity theft and drug use have in common? It's actually a pretty direct connection. Criminals who commit identity theft are often drug users, and identity theft enables them to support their expensive habits.

An Ugly Connection

Identity theft is a growing problem, and law enforcement officials have recently recognized the connection between meth use and identity theft. Unfortunately for would-be identity theft criminals, a person’s identity theft can be worth a lot of money. And the lure of financial gain is what motivates meth users to commit identity theft. The numbers also support the association between identity theft and methamphetamine use. States that have a problem with illegal drugs also have a high rate of identity theft.

Everyone's At Risk

Even if your state or city doesn’t have a big problem with illegal drugs such as methamphetamines, you are still at risk for identity theft. Identity theft is a growing problem nationwide, and that is why it is important always to take preventative steps designed to help reduce your risk of identity theft.

Take Precautionary Measures

Safeguard your social security number and don’t give it out unless it is absolutely necessary. Shred all your financial documents such as bank and credit card statements. An identity theft criminal who is dumpster diving can get his hands on your documents and have all the information needed to commit identity theft.

Reduce the likelihood that you become the target of an identity theft criminal. Be cautious with who you give your personal information to, and don’t ever assume that you are not at risk for identity theft because, ultimately, there is always the risk of identity theft. Regardless of what state you live in or where you move to, no matter what illegal drug problems exist in your area, your risk of identity theft never goes away.


Great article, I really enjoyed the information. Ihope other readers use it for educating themselves against identity theft.

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