How Do You Take More Identity Theft Prevention Precautions?

Some More Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Identity Theft is a major problem -- still. Everywhere we go we are constantly asked for our personal information and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. Your personal information is kept in various databases and this information can be accessed and it can also be hacked in to. When a person steals this information, you become the victim of identity theft.

What Do They Want With You?

Think you're not important? Guess again. Using your personal information, a criminal can apply for credit cards, passports and other lines of credit - making big purchases and leaving you in the dark and in debt.

What To Do About It

The best way to begin to protect your identity is by putting yourself on the opt out list. Why? Well, credit card companies have all of your information and it is the number one resource that hackers try to break in to. If you are no longer on these lists for pre-approved credit card offers, then your information will not be as likely targeted as others.

Who To Turn To?

There are three major companies that have access to your information: Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. By putting yourself on the Opt Out list, you will be removed from these networks. Slowly, you will being to receive less solicitation phone calls and credit card offers.

You can also put yourself on the Do Not Call Registry which will help to eliminate your information from a whole other list which has your personal information. This registry helps to limit the number of unwanted phone calls to your residence.

Identity theft, at the current moment, is impossible to prevent 100 percent. However, we can say confidently that you are able to reduce your risk of becoming a victim. If you take certain identity theft prevention precautions your chances of sitting in the victims seat can be minimized to a fraction of what it once was.

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