Have You Been Phishing Lately?

What do you do when you catch a phish? Learn how to report phishing emails and put a stop to this scam

What do you do when you get a phishing email? Delete it? Ignore it? Mark it as spam? Well, you're on the right track as far as staying safe and not falling victim to identity theft, but you can do more. Learn how to report phishing email scams and help clean up the Internet.

Throw rotten phish back into the phish tank

Truthfully, I've always been just like you. I get a phishing email, and I quickly delete it without clicking on any links. Then, I pat myself on the back thinking I've done good. Yep, no one is going to get me to fall for a phishing email. While this is certainly okay, there's more you and I can do to not only prevent our identities from being stolen by phishers, but also help clean up the Internet. Help by reporting phishing.

Enter...the PhishTank and stop phishing today. The PhishTank is a clearinghouse for data and information about phishing on the Internet. In just two years since PhishTank launched, there have been over one million phishes reported and shut down. This is great news.

It's great to be educated so you don't fall victim to phishing emails, but let's all do our part and begin reporting these emails so we can all make the Internet a safer place to hang out.

PhishTank is easy to use and won't cost you a cent. Simply go to their website and sign up for a free account. That's all. Now you're ready to submit a phishing site, verify, track and share phishing data and the world's a safer place... well at least the World Wide Web!

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