Get Ready to Celebrate Consumer Protection Week

A Few Ideas to Herald in Consumer Protection Week

While many of us are all for improving laws and policies that protect consumers from identity theft, most of us know that the fight begins at home and that's exactly what Consumer Protection Week reminds us. If you want to do your part in recognizing this important week of the year, here are a just a few ways to get started.

Get Ready, Get Set...

If you're like most people you probably don't even know when Consumer Protection Week is. Well, now is the time to learn.

The first week in March has been named Consumer Protection week, and it's a week in which we all need to evaluate just how well we're doing in our fight against identity theft and other forms of fraud. That being said, the week doesn't do us any good unless we actually take action.


So how can you do your part? First, make sure you're monitoring your credit report for identity theft activity and if you haven't already done so, invest in a shredder. All of your personal documents should be shredded before you toss them. This includes ATM receipts, bills, bank statements and anything else that contains your personal information.

Of course telephone activity also needs to be managed properly. Put yourself on the Do Not Call list and never, ever give your credit card information or social security number over the phone to someone you don't know.

Last, but not least, make sure you protect your mailbox. Roadside mailboxes are a prime target for criminals. If your mailbox sits on the side of the road rather than being attached to your house, make sure you buy a locking model. It's one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of preventing yourself from identity theft crimes.

Remember, we're all pushing for more protection from identity theft, but we can't expect law enforcement to do our jobs for us. The fight begins here at home. Use Consumer Protection Week as the push you need to put your identity theft protection practices in place.

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