Dispelling Common Fraud Myths

We all know about fraud, but how accurate is our information? There are a surprising number of myths floating around, some of them so common they've become accepted 'knowledge' -- much to the experts' dismay! Are you falling for any...

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Beware -- Publisher's Clearinghouse Fraud

Fraud or dream come true? Isn't it just about everyone's dream to have Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes show up at your door and announce, 'You've just won 10 Million Dollars!' Sure it is and thieves know this. This is how thieves...

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Are You at Risk for Synthetic Identity Theft?

If you want to stay safe from identity theft, you must know the facts. As thieves become more tech-savvy, avoiding identity theft becomes more difficult. Synthetic identity theft is just one form of theft. Before you can protect yourself, you...

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Avoid Online Auction Fraud by Following These 5 Simple Tips

There are bargains and deals galore at online auction sites. There are also frauds galore. Avoid becoming a victim by following these 5 tips....

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Beware -- Real Estate Computer Crimes on the Rise

Whether you are renting property you own or you're looking for a home to rent, you need to be aware of the latest in computer crimes. There are three different types of computer crime circulating on the Internet, both involve...

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Methods of Fraud -- How To Spot Them

Although most people realize that fraud is a serious danger, many don't understand exactly how quickly it moves and how difficult it is to stop. By the time you uncover fraud in one area of your life, an identity thief...

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Fraud, Friends and Family

Lisa is the victim of fraud. Credit card fraud claimed her life. Did the crime take place through Internet scams? Did a thief break into her home and steal her identity? Was her identity stolen through insurance fraud or consumer...

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Prevent Identity Theft with Fraud Alert

Looking for peace of mind in your ongoing battle to prevent identity theft, you need to know about fraud alerts. Anyone fearing his identity will be stolen or already a victim needs to learn about fraud alert. Fraud alerts help....

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Email Fraud: Job Search Schemes to Watch Out For

We can talk all we want about dumpster diving and telephone tricks, but the fact remains that email fraud is the most common method of deceiving people. And it makes sense: after all, there's virtually no risk since it's so...

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Email Fraud Alert: Who's That Email Really From?

Protecting Yourself from Email Fraud Email fraud isn't anything new, but the tricks used to commit the crime evolve each and every day. Just when word gets out about one email scam, another one develops. There are, however, general rules...

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A Word about Money Order Fraud

Don't Become the Victim of Money Order Fraud Money order fraud is becoming an increasingly common crime and while it isn't exactly identity theft, I felt it was a topic we needed to cover for our readers. If you sell...

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Can a Simple Phone Call Result in Fraud?

Reducing Your Risk of Telephone Fraud Fraud is unfortunately all too common. Though we would like to believe all of us know better, many fraud victims fall prey to unscrupulous individuals who are quite competent at executing scams. A prime...

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Check Fraud Can Happen to Anyone

What You Need to Know About Check Fraud Check fraud can be a scary concept to think about. Many of us are more familiar with identify theft or how someone can steal our credit card information, but we fail to...

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