Fighting the Debt Collection Agencies That Don’t Sympathize With Identity Theft

Sometimes Debt Collection Agencies Take Things Too Far

I have been known to discuss the dishonorable tactics of many a debt collection agency. Unfortunately, I have recently discovered that some debt collection agencies don’t just break the law and harass people with legitimate debts -- they also break the law and harass people who have been victimized by identity theft. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft and an unscrupulous debt collection agency is trying to get the best of you, there are some things you should know.

Just Because They Are Supposed To Be Professionals Doesn’t Mean They Are

The first thing you need to know when a debt collection agency calls about a debt related to identity theft is that they may not care that the debt’s not legitimate -- they just want your money. The reason for this is the debt collector on the phone gets paid fifteen to twenty-five percent of everything you pay, regardless of whether you really owe the money or not.

Debt collection agencies may try to tell you that you’re responsible for the debt even though it was the result of identity theft. Do not listen to them. If you’ve been victimized by identity theft, that’s exactly what you are -- a victim. Victims do not have to pay for the bills their victimizers rack up.

The Creditor May Very Well Know You Don’t Owe the Debt

If a debt collection agency calls you regarding a debt that has occurred due to identity theft, don’t automatically get mad at the original credit. Some debt collection agencies break the law big time by trying to collect debts that were never assigned to them. If a debt collection agency contacts you trying to collect an identity theft-related debt, contact the original creditor and get to the bottom of the matter before assuming they have anything to do with the collection attempts.

There’s Someone You Can Turn To

If you have been the victim of identity theft and a debt collection agency keeps harassing you about the debts related to the crime, you can fight back. Visit Bud Hibbs’ website and become empowered to take control over the situation.

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