Don't Let Thieves Ruin Your Life with This Computer Crime

Protect yourself from this computer crime before it ruins your life.

We love our technology and electronic gadgets, but with the good comes the bad and some of that 'bad' is computer crimes. When you think of identity theft, you usually think of someone stealing your identity. But what if you unknowingly download a virus that allows thieves to ruin your reputation when you've done absolutely nothing wrong? Find out how this is possible

Computer Cyber Crime that Ruins Reputations

There are many types of computer crimes but According to Associated Press, it is possible to have your computer taken over by pedophiles through viruses. They download child pornography to your computer. They get their fix, and you get the blame.

Think this couldn't happen to you? Think again.

In 2007 Michael Fiola's bosses became suspicious when they discovered he had 4 1/2 times more data on his computer than his co-workers. A technician found that Michael had child pornography stored in his images folder.

After 11 months, spending $250,000 in legal fees, having his and his wife's reputation ruined, and health issues due to the stress, Michael was finally cleared after proof showed his laptop was severely infected with a virus that was programmed to visit as many as 40 child porn sites per minute.

Through a virus, a pedophile had logged on to Michael's laptop and downloaded the porn. Unfortunately, it doesn't have to be a pedophile that does this. Anyone who wants to play a sick joke or frame you can do this.

Prevent this from Happening to You

Bryan Oakley is a special agent with the FBI who works pedophilia cases. He states, "Nationwide I've only found four cases where someone has by malicious intent of another person had child pornography put on their computer. Pedophiles generally want immediate access to their material. With it being remotely stored they don't have immediate access to that material."

Oakley uses a laptop or home computer for example. "When they want to access it, it may be off your network may be down, they no longer have access to that data," Oakley added.

In view of this, you don't have to be overly concerned about this type of a computer crime happening to you. To protect yourself from computer crime, install reputable anti-virus software and avoid downloading illegal software. Most of the time, internet users get viruses from free downloads and illegal downloads.

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