Document Shredder Safety

Document Shredders Should Be Safe In More Way Than One

Buying a document shredder is definitely a wise investment. For less than $30 you can shred your important documents and avoid losing far more money than if you were to become a victim of identity theft. The peace of mind you are afforded by shredding important documents is very beneficial. Before you purchase a document shredder, though, you just might want to make sure it is safe for both your kids and your sensitive personal information.

Safety One -- Protect From Identity Theft

Most businesses use a document shredder to dispose of important pieces of paper containing sensitive or confidential information. Document shredders are also good for personal use as well. Many people have been the victim of identity theft simply because thieves have rummaged through their garbage and gotten their hands on sensitive information contained on credit card or bank statements. However, not all document shredders are created equal. Some document shredders simply cut in one direction making it very easy for anyone who wants to steal your information to piece back together the individual pieces of paper. If you purchase a document shredder such as a cross-cut shredder that cuts both horizontally and diagonally, you will have much better assurance that it will be difficult to reconstruct your documents. Cross-cut shredders are also called confetti-cut shredders.

Safety Two -- Protect From Harm

While safely disposing of sensitive documents is important, it’s also important for a document shredder to be safe on a physical level. An energetic toddler or curious cat can be hurt by a document shredder. Regardless of what new features or warning labels are included with newer models of document shredders, the only sure way to ensure safety is to remain vigilant. Always keep your paper shredder unplugged when you are not using it and keep it out of the reach of children.

By following the above recommendations, you will be able to maintain your children’s safety and the safety of your personal information.

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