Credit Card Security Code ID Theft Scam

ID Theft: They Don’t Always Need Your Credit Card

If you think that criminals who are committing credit card fraud and ID theft always need to steal your credit card number in order to get what they want, you’d better think again. Sometimes it’s the three digit credit card security code on the back of your credit card that they’re after, and since that’s the case, you’d better know how to protect it.

The Scam

You get a call from someone stating that they’re with the fraud department at your credit card company. They say there’s been suspicious activity on your credit card and they need to verify whether or not you were the one who made the purchases. When you say no, you didn’t make the purchases this ID theft criminal says they need to verify the three digit code on the back of your credit card in order to confirm your identity.

Now, since you’ve been trained not to give anyone your credit card number, and they’re not asking for it, you’re more inclined to give this person the three digit credit card security code. After all, if they don’t need your entire credit card number, they must be legitimate, right? Wrong! If you give them this number, you’re at a risk of ID theft.

ID Theft Criminals: They’re Getting Smarter Every Day

These ID theft criminals are getting smarter every day. While there’s a multitude of ways they can get your credit card number, to do what they want with it nowadays they also need the three digit code on the back of your credit card. This three digit code is harder for them to get, so they’re coming up with more and more scams in order to get it.

Protect Yourself from ID Theft

If anyone emails you or calls you asking for the three digit code on the back of your credit card, no matter what reason they give you, do not give it to them. If they say they are from your credit card company and they need the code, ignore them and tell them that you will call the number on the back of your card to confirm whether or not your credit card company really needs your three digit security code.

Remember, ID theft is easy to prevent as long as you are armed with the knowledge and you keep your personal information, including the three digit code on the back of your credit card, to yourself.

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