Computer Tips That Can Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

These Computer Tips Can Help Fight Identity Theft

Most consumers fail to recognize how computer tips can help reduce their risk of identity theft. They keep a close eye on their wallet or purse when out in public and shred all-important financial documents, but that is the extent of their knowledge about preventing identity theft. If you want to learn more about identity theft, the following computer tips will help you prevent or reduce your risk of identity theft.

The Open Door of the Web

If you’ve had Internet access in your home for many years now, then you are probably well aware of the fraudulent emails you’ve undoubtedly received at some point. New Internet users are often easily fooled by emails that look legitimate.

One of the best computer tips for reducing your risk of identity theft is to keep in mind that there is nothing that you would need to do related to your bank account or credit card account that can’t be done over the telephone. If you get an email that is intended to alert you to a problem with your bank account, pick up the phone and give your bank a call.

If there really is a problem, you can resolve it over the phone (but remember, NEVER call the phone number in one of these emails). Banks or credit card companies will never ask you to provide any personal information or passwords via email.

A Barrier

No discussion of computer tips would be complete without addressing the need for your home computer to have a software firewall. This can deter or prevent hackers from breaking into your home computer.

It’s still good practice to not keep your passwords on your computer. Many computer users create a word processing document that contains all of their passwords, but that really isn’t a good idea. If you’re worried you will forget your passwords, simply write them out by hand on a sheet of paper and store the paper in your locked filing cabinet.

Stop by in the upcoming weeks when we plan to provide you with more computer tips for reducing your risk of identity theft.

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