Computer Privacy in the New Millennium

Why Every Computer Owner Should Be Concerned about Computer Privacy

Do you ever feel like someone else has access to your computer? Maybe you have people who frequently come and go from your home. Maybe you work on a computer in your workplace and people working a different schedule than you could potentially log into your system. Every computer user should have computer privacy as a top priority. Protecting your computer doesn’t have to be as costly of an investment as your computer was. There are many affordable software products available that can provide you all the computer privacy you will need.

Encrypt It

A great way to ensure no one else has access to your computer information is to encrypt all of the data on it. That way if someone does happen to come across a file, they won’t be able to read it. StompSoft’s Digital Vault provides protection for both your laptop and desktop and their Portable Vault provides encryption for USB flash drives.

Anti-Spyware Programs

In today’s day and age, a person doesn’t need physical access to your computer to gain entry to the information inside of it. Anyone who uses the Internet can fall prey to what is called spyware. Spyware programs enable remote computer users access to everything you do on your PC. Because of this, you should definitely consider installing an anti-spyware program as part of your approach to computer privacy. Spyware Doctor and McAfee Anti-Spyware are ranked quite high as anti-spyware tools.

Make Sure What’s Gone Stays Gone

One overlooked area of computer privacy is addressing what happens to all of your deleted files. You might think they are gone forever once you delete them, but that just isn’t case. Deleting a file does not permanently destroy it. It might remain on your “invisible” hard drive for a period of several years! You would be wise to consider purchasing software to overwrite the disk space where the deleted files are stored. A file shredding program can help you get rid of old files for good.

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