Computer Fraud: Don't Become The Next Victim

How You Can Avoid Computer Fraud

Most of us have been the recipient of some type of computer fraud, from fishing emails to spyware infestations. These are tools are becoming increasingly common as more and more hackers use them. If you want to protect yourself from computer fraud, there are some things you need to consider...

Knowledge Is Power

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the various means that hackers use to gain access to your personal details or your financial information. Learn about phishing attacks, spyware, malware, key logging, and other techniques that can make your information vulnerable. Make a conscientious effort to avoid suspicious websites and do not open spam e-mails.

An Ounce Of Prevention

Do you have an antivirus program installed on your computer? Do you have a firewall installed on your home network? If you have already taken these steps, do you make sure that you update your definitions regularly?

Do you have antivirus programs set to perform regular scans? These software programs are the most basic line of defense against harmful downloads, and you should keep them updated.

Finally, it pays to monitor your credit cards and credit reports. Both of these are potential targets for computer fraud, so keeping track of your charges and monitoring your credit reports for errors will alert you to hacker activity. Be prepared to act immediately if you notice anything suspicious.

In today's Internet-savvy world, it is nearly impossible to avoid putting some personal information onto the Internet. With some basic precautions and the implementation of some readily available software programs, most people can effectively thwart hackers' attempts at obtaining their personal information and thus avoid becoming victims of computer fraud.

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