Combating Identity Theft Takes a Strong Governmental Role

The Federal Government's Role in Identity Theft

Identity theft has changed identities in recent decades (pun intended). Identity theft crime has gotten increasingly more high tech thanks to our dependence on computers and other electronic devices. To address the importance of identity theft, in 2006 President Bush created an identity theft task force. But is it just another political maneuver or is it something that's really benefiting us as a whole?

What is the Identity Theft Task Force?

The Task Force really represents our tax dollars put to good use. If you watch Saturday Night Live or any late night television, you know President Bush is far from popular. However, hundreds of identity theft victims are breathing a collective sigh of relief that something on a national level has been done to address this growing concern.

How Does it Work?

You can visit the Identity Theft Task Force at the White House website to see for yourself. One of the main ways the Task Force acts to help citizens and affected consumers is to facilitate authorities at all levels of government -- local, state, and national -- to work in tandem.

Previously, the communication gap between different governmental agencies at different levels has been a deterrent to tracking down and prosecuting identity theft criminals. That's now changed.

The Strain of Identity Theft

We’ve received countless emails from concerned consumers, some of whom have been victimized by identity theft. Anyone who's ever been the victim of identity theft knows that it can put a real emotional and financial strain on the victims and the victims’ family members. Just because it’s a “financial issue” doesn’t make it any less important and relevant to those whose lives have been affected.

Stay Tuned

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