Can Your Neighbors Help You Prevent Identity Theft?

Neighbors Can Be Great Allies In the Fight Against Identity Theft

When we think about our the fight against identity theft, we normally focus on things we can do by ourselves to protect ourselves. Because of this, people often overlook one of the best possible allies in the fight against identity theft -- their neighbors. Believe it or not, your neighbors may be able to help you in your fight against identity theft and you can help them with theirs.

Looking Out for Each Other

If you and your neighbors are willing to work together as a team, you can all help keep your neighborhood safe from identity theft criminals. By maintaining a neighborhood watch to keep an eye out for dumpster divers you’ll ensure that no one’s mail is being stolen and by arranging to have your neighbors bring in your papers while you’re out of town, you won’t have to worry about people snooping around your mailbox due to knowing you’re out of town.

When it comes to identity theft prevention, every little step helps so perhaps you should get together with your neighbors to see who is interested in working to deter the crime.

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