Can Online Chatting Lead to Identity Theft?

Online Chatting May Result in Identity Theft

When you think of identity theft, you probably don’t consider chat rooms. After all, how often is someone actually going to come right out and ask you for your social security number or other personal information during a casual chat conversation? The problem is, chat rooms are actually a place where identity theft occurs, and you need to know how to protect yourself from the crime.

It Starts Out Innocent

When predators plan on committing identity theft in chat rooms, they first plan on befriending you. After all, once you’ve been “friends” with someone online for a while, you tend to trust them. Even then, they won’t come right out and ask you for your private information, they’ll try to steal it from you.

Trojans and Other Viruses

Remember the story of the Trojan horse? The same can apply to chat rooms and identity theft. While you’re “chatting” with your “friend” he or she may be trying to infect your system with a Trojan or another virus that will allow them to hack into your system and steal your personal information. If you want to avoid identity theft, make sure that you don’t open any attachments sent to you during a chat session. They may cause you to become the victim of identity theft.

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