Can Credit Freezes Eliminate Identity Theft?

Credit Freezes May be the Identity Theft Answer We’ve Been Looking For

Imaging being able to completely control who could get access to your credit information. If you think you already have that control, you’re wrong. Perhaps one of the reasons identity theft is so common is because our credit information is for sale to anyone who wants to buy it. Everything from our social security numbers to our credit histories can be bought and sold. But what if we could put a stop to it, thereby reducing identity theft if not eliminating it? If more states adopt credit freeze laws, we might be able to.

Twelve States Should be Applauded

Right now there are twelve states that have adopted credit freeze laws. Basically, consumers in these states can elect to place a freeze on their credit reports. This isn’t the same as a fraud watch placed when you have already been the victim of identity theft. This credit freeze stops anyone from gaining access to your credit report without going through you first.

Hot Debate

Right now there is a hot debate going on between consumer advocates and those who oppose credit freezes. Consumer advocates know what a valuable tool a credit freeze can be when fighting identity theft, but banks and lenders don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with credit freezes and they believe the inconvenience outweighs the benefits. Tell that to someone who’s been victimized by identity theft.


There is something terribly wrong that the data brokers and credit bureaus can sell your $LIFE$ to strangers for a profit.

Why don't we form a class action suit against them?

Or, stop electing Senators and Congressmen who accept bribes to be able to continue doing this.

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