Breaking Identity Theft News: Guess Who Had Their Identity Stolen?

Put Your Social Security Number on TV and Identity Theft WILL Happen

We all saw the ads and were wondering if an identity theft service could actually be that good. Was it smart for LifeLock's CEO to display his social security number for the world to see? We warned consumers that doing so was just asking for trouble - and we were right. Seems as though all that advertising landed him in the identity theft victim's chair.

Does It Mean LifeLock Doesn't Work?

First and foremost, you have to understand that just because Todd Davis had his identity stolen, it doesn't mean LifeLock and the other services like it don't work. It just means you can't fall into a false sense of security if you use them. You still have to be diligent about who you give your personal information too and you can't let things like you social security number or credit card number fly around out in the open.

Think about it. How many millions of people got a hold of Todd Davis's information by seeing it in advertisements? How many of those were crooks who tried to steal his identity? Davis claims he knows of at least 87 failed attempts.

A Multi-Faceted Prevention Approach

The bottom line is this - ignore the media hype. Are they trying to say identity theft protection services don't work? Some of them are. Don't listen to them. Identity theft protection services do work when you use them properly. Putting your social security number out there for all the world to see is not an example of that.

So yes, there is a lesson to be learned from Todd Davis's stolen identity. Even if you do have the best identity theft protection service, make sure you do your part by shredding your personal documents and keeping your personal information safe.

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