ATM Theft is Increasingly Common

What You Need to Know About ATM Theft

ATM theft is an increasingly common crime. If you think that ATM theft involves someone breaking into an ATM and stealing the cash that’s in there, you’re mistaken. Quite to the contrary, the most common ATM theft involves someone stealing your ATM card information. But what can someone do with your ATM information? You might be surprised.

How Do They Get It?

But wait, you’re probably wondering how someone could even get your ATM card information. If you use your ATM card to pay for things at stores, the store may very well be storing your ATM transaction information in their system, including your pin number. If a criminal wants this information, it’s simply a matter of hacking into the system and taking it.

What Can They Do With It?

Think they can’t use this information at an ATM? Don’t they actually need your ATM card to commit ATM theft? No, actually they don’t. With a simple electronic gadget that writes information to blank cards, a thief can easily make a replica of your ATM card. Then they can use this ATM card at any ATM machine to commit ATM theft.

Protect Yourself

If you want to protect yourself, keep a close eye on your bank account. If you notice any unauthorized ATM transactions, report the ATM theft immediately to your bank in order to protect yourself.


this was a remarkable piece of information . hope i can make use of it , not by commiting a theft but by publicising the information to other ignorant fellows ..who dont beleive ..anything their told .

Nothing I didn't already know, but it's nice to know others are thinking along the same lines...FINALLY

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