How to Prevent Identity Theft at Work?

Is your employer doing everything possible to prevent identity theft?

You take every possible measure to prevent identity theft in your personal life. The question is, are you safe at work? Is your employer doing everything possible to protect the identity of company employees? Review this checklist of safety measures and see if your workplace passes the test.

Identity theft prevention

-- Does your company run civil or criminal background checks on employees that will have access to personal information?

-- Does your company screen their temporary workers, contractors, and janitorial services?

-- Does your company shred all paperwork containing personal data?

-- Before disposing of company computers, does your company clean the hard drive and remove electronic files?

-- Does your company use employee social security numbers for identification or assign alternate employee numbers?

-- Are health providers required to use alternate numbers rather than social security numbers for identification?

-- Is the personal data of employees kept securely locked up?

-- Are employee pictures on identity cards for proper identification?

-- Is there a designated staff that is trained in security procedures when sending sensitive personal data by fax, email, or telephone?

-- Does your company have electronic audit trail procedures that monitor who is accessing your company's network?

-- Are encryption devices in place to protect laptops and PDAs that may have personal or sensitive information stored?

-- Does your company have a policy of not sharing employee data?

-- Does your company follow the safety practice of leaving off social security numbers on paychecks, parking permits, staff badges, time sheets, training program rosters, promotion lists?

-- Does your company notify employees when there has been a security breech?

-- Does your company have a crisis management plan in the event that employee information has been stolen?

The above questions are basic security measures every company needs in place. Identity theft can take place where you work just as easily as it can in your personal life. Ask your employer if these security measures are being taken to keep employees safe from identity theft.

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