Are Identity Theft Warnings Really Overblown?

Is Identity Theft Really the Problem It’s Touted to Be?

There’s been some debate lately as to whether or not identity theft is really the problem it’s reported to be. Some people are trying to say that identity theft isn’t as widespread as some of the experts would like you to believe and that the advice being given to protect yourself is just a matter of making you paranoid. Considering the fact that identity theft is indeed the problem we all fear it is, I’m wondering who’s behind the message that it’s not really anything for the average person to worry about. Could the identity theft criminals be trying to run damage control?

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

While some would have you believing that identity theft isn’t really as common as many would have you believe, the statistics speak for themselves. Almost 4 million households are victimized by identity theft each year and twelve percent of those cases experienced not just one incident of identity theft, but multiple occurrences. With numbers like that, can you really believe that identity theft isn’t that big of a problem?

While it’s true that the media has, at times, scared us into an unwarranted frenzy over things that were grossly over-exaggerated, that is definitely not the case with identity theft. When it comes to identity theft, do yourself a favor and err on the side of caution.

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