Are Identity Theft Crooks On The Prowl Again?

Another Identity Theft Scam Hits The Streets

My wife got a disturbing call from her grandmother the other day and it seems she was the target of an identity theft crime. The company called her and told her she could consolidate her debt and even reduce it by about $15,000 (half of what it was). All they needed was her credit card numbers. Unfortunately, this wasn't a real debt consolidation offer. It was an identity theft crime waiting to happen.

The Scam

You get a call that your debt can be consolidated and even reduced and all they need is your credit card information. You're not told how much it's going to cost or any other details and you're definitely not given anything in writing. In fact, they really can't tell you anything until you give them your credit card details...

If You Fall For It

Well, if you fall for this scam you're going to find charges upwards of $700 on your credit card statement. Charges you never authorized. Unless you want to become the next identity theft victim at the hands of these lowlifes, there are some things you need to do to protect yourself.

They Don't Call You

I have never in my life heard of a legitimate debt consolidation organization making telemarketing calls such as this one. Never. If a company calls you saying they can consolidate your debt, tell them you want a face-to-face meeting before giving them any information at all.

Identity theft creeps know that we're a nation in debt. They know that people will do almost anything to get out from under that debt and they prey on this weakness. Don't fall for it. While there are legitimate debt consolidation companies out there, there are also many scams. This is one of them.

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