Are Computer Crimes the Downside to Modern Technology?

Computer Crimes in the New Millennium

A surprising number of consumers who have Internet access do not really understand how the Web works or how much a risk it presents. If you asked them how fast their modem was or what type of operating system they have, you would be met with a blank stare, so it’s no wonder that computer crimes can present an even more confusing situation for novice web surfers.

A Helpful Resource is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about different types of computer crimes and how to go about reporting these crimes. Many types of computer crimes should be reported to your local FBI office, but many people aren’t even aware of this fact.

There are a variety of computer crimes listed on, so don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of them. Counterfeiting money used to be done manually, now computers can be used to commit this crime. Internet harassment is also a possibility in our technologically- dependent world, and the crime can be just as serious as if it involved real life contact.

More Places to Turn

The Department of Homeland Security is also another possibility of where you can report computer crimes. Of course, your local police department is another place where computer crimes should be reported.

Reporting What You See and Hear

If you are the victim of computer crimes, it’s natural to report it to as many places as you can. But even if you’re not the victim and you witness suspicious activity that you think may involve a computer crime of sorts, it should still be reported to the authorities.

Just like neighbors in neighborhoods look out for one another, we should all look out for our online neighbors and report any suspicious computer crime activity.

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