A New Identity Theft Scam Geared Towards Credit Card Holders

Be On The Lookout For This New Identity Theft Scam

It never ceases to amaze me how these identity theft creeps seem to come up with new ideas. It sure does keep my work cut out for me. The scumbags keep thinking of new tactics to steal your identity, so we here at IdentityTheftFixes.com have to keep up with their latest criminal efforts. Well, there’s a new scam out there and we want to make sure you know about it.

Does The Government Want Your Credit Card Information?

Many consumers have been receiving emails from someone claiming to be with a government website called regulations.gov. The email states that a change in the law is requiring Internet users to confirm their identities with the government. When the consumer clicks the link in the email, they’re taken to a website that looks just like the regulations.gov website, but it’s not the actual website -- it’s a clone being run by a criminal organization.

At this website consumers are told to provide personal and financial information to “confirm their identity” for the government. When the consumer complies and gives the website their information, the thieves then have everything they need to steal the victim’s identity.

The government doesn’t want your financial information and if they did, they wouldn’t ask you for it in an email. Think about it… The government knows way too much about you as it is, do you think they don’t already have your financial information? Don’t fall for this scam email. It’s just another tactic devised to make you a victim of identity theft.

Too Late?

If you already received this email and responded to it, it’s time to do damage control. Contact your financial institutions immediately and file a report with the FTC. You want to minimize the damage that occurs and the only way to do that is to act fast.

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