4 Things That Are Sure To Keep You Out Of The Identity Theft Victim's Seat

Why You Should Always Do These Four Identity Theft Prevention Measures

There are probably a hundred small steps we can all take to prevent identity theft from happening to us. So why aren't more of us doing something about it? Because we fall into a sense of complacency. A feeling of "It can never happen to me." That sense of security can cost you. If you're not doing anything to protect yourself from identity theft and you think there are just too many steps to take, why not start with these four...

1. Sign Up For an Identity Theft Prevention Service

Services like LifeLock and TrustedID go a long way in helping you protect yourself from identity theft. While they aren't free, they are definitely affordable services. If you don't do anything else to prevent identity theft, at least do this.

2. Shred Documents

Instead of throwing documents away, shred them. If you keep your shredder near your trash it doesn't even have to be a bother. Just run the papers through the shredder instead of tossing them in the trash. Just make sure it's a diamond-cut or "confetti" shredder and not a strip-cut shredder.

3. Protect Your PC

Make sure your computer is adequately protected. Viruses and spyware are serious threats and put you at a significant risk of identity theft. If you want to save yourself hours of time, countless headaches and quite a bit of dough, make sure you have comprehensive Internet security running on your PC.

4. Don't Write Checks To Those You Don't Trust

You think accepting checks from people you don't trust is the problem? Writing checks to them is just as bad. Your printed checks have your routing number and account number on them. That's all a criminal needs to drain your bank account dry. If you don't trust someone, do yourself a favor and pay with a money order.

So yes, there are a hundred things you can do to protect yourself from identity theft. Don't let that overwhelm you. These four are a good start.

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