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April 28, 2007

Identity Theft Statistics: Do They Really Matter?

What Do Identity Theft Statistics Mean to You?

Identity theft statistics are readily available. The news, the Internet, even blog sites like ours have easily-accessible identity theft statistics. But are identity theft statistics something you should watch like your stock tickers or the daily news? The answer may surprise you.

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April 22, 2007

Can You Prevent Identity Theft Completely?

More Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

With identity theft on the rise, it would seem that the best course of action is to prevent identity theft before it happens. But can you really prevent identity theft? There are definitely some steps you can and should take to reduce your risk of identity theft, but is it possible to ever completely prevent identity theft altoghether?

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Identity Theft And The World of Illusion

Identity Theft Happens When Things Aren't What They Seem

Many of the con artists that run identity theft scams do so by “impersonating” legitimate businesses. While the scams vary, the results is the same... Someone becomes the victim of an identity theft crime. If you want to prevent identity theft from happening to you and those you care about, you need this information.

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April 9, 2007

Are You Increasing Your Own Risk of Identity Theft?

Identity Theft and Your Wallet

What's in your wallet? No, this isn't a credit card commercial. It's a serious question you need to ask yourself unless you want to unwittingly contribute to your own case of identity theft. Interested in learning why? Read on...

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April 2, 2007

How Illegal Drug Use and Identity Theft are Related

Identity Theft and Methamphetamine Use

A recent news article focused on the connection between identity theft and methamphetamine use. Confused? It might seem illogical. What could identity theft and drug use have in common? It's actually a pretty direct connection. Criminals who commit identity theft are often drug users, and identity theft enables them to support their expensive habits.

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