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September 26, 2006

Computer Privacy in the New Millennium

Why Every Computer Owner Should Be Concerned about Computer Privacy

Do you ever feel like someone else has access to your computer? Maybe you have people who frequently come and go from your home. Maybe you work on a computer in your workplace and people working a different schedule than you could potentially log into your system. Every computer user should have computer privacy as a top priority. Protecting your computer doesn’t have to be as costly of an investment as your computer was. There are many affordable software products available that can provide you all the computer privacy you will need.

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September 24, 2006

Debit Cards and Identity Theft

A PIN Doesn’t Necessarily Protect You from Identity Theft

Think you’re safe from identity theft? You may want to think twice. You might regularly shred important financial documents and safeguard your social security number, but that doesn’t mean you are exempt from becoming an identity theft victim. A new type of identity theft recently made headlines and those of us with debit cards may want to stand up and take notice.

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September 19, 2006

Quick and Easy Identity Theft Prevention

Easy Ways To Practice Routine Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft prevention should be on everyone’s to-do list. Keeping criminals away from your sensitive personal and financial information should be a high priority. If you are looking for ways to facilitate identity theft prevention and keep your sensitive information safe, read on…

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September 18, 2006

Reducing Your Risk of Identity Theft

You May be Contributing to Your Risk of Identity Theft without Even Realizing It

Although many of us know of many ways we can reduce our risk of identity theft, there are some very common errors we make without even realizing it. Do you allow visitors unrestricted access to your home? Do you have household help come in every so often, such as a cleaning professional or a baby sitter? If someone has unrestricted access to your home, they have unrestricted access to your personal info, and this can lead to identity theft before you even realize it.

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September 14, 2006

Interesting Identity Theft Statistics

Knowing Identity Theft Statistics Can Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Identity theft statistics can be quite an eye opener for many individuals. Many of us know how to reduce the likelihood that we will become a victim of identity theft, but that is the extent of our familiarity with the subject. Knowing identity theft statistics can lead us to make positive changes that can reduce our potential for becoming a victim of identity theft.

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September 12, 2006

An Increasing Identity Theft Threat for Mac Users

Why Mac Fans Are Experiencing an Increased Risk of Identity Theft

Mac users used to be pretty safe from viruses, worms, cyber thieves and identity theft criminals. However, an increasing number of Mac users are finding themselves the victim of these things and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to end anytime soon. Why are Mac users suddenly in danger and why is it going to get worse? The facts aren’t all too surprising.

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September 8, 2006

Check Fraud Can Happen to Anyone

What You Need to Know About Check Fraud

Check fraud can be a scary concept to think about. Many of us are more familiar with identify theft or how someone can steal our credit card information, but we fail to consider how easily check fraud can occur. Unfortunately, seemingly benign things that many of us don’t think twice about doing can lead to us becoming the victim of check fraud.

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September 7, 2006

How Employers Can Contribute to Identity Theft

If You Become the Victim of Identity Theft, Blame it on Your Employer!

Employers often unknowingly contribute to identity theft by standard practices that present a risk for their employees. It’s a sad but unfortunate reality that you might become the victim of identity theft simply because your employer is too lenient in guarding sensitive information such as the social security numbers of their employees.

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September 6, 2006

Identity Theft and Children

Children Can Also be Susceptible to Identity Theft

Many of us are aware of the preventative measures to take in order to reduce our own risk of identity theft, but we often forget to consider that our children can also become the victims of identity theft as well. Identity thieves are looking for social security numbers from anyone, not just adults. If your child’s social security number is stolen, he or she can become the victim of identity theft. Make sure they’re not left to deal with this problem on their own.

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September 4, 2006

Identity Theft and the Elderly

The Elderly May Need Help In Preventing and Fighting Identity Theft

Anyone can become the victim of identity theft, including elderly individuals who rarely use their credit cards and have never been on a computer. However, it is important to remember that the elderly are affected very differently by identity theft and they may need our help in fighting and preventing the crime from happening to them.

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September 2, 2006

Don’t Let Your Driver’s License Be an Identity Theft Risk

Identity Theft Vigilance: Your Driver’s License Is Not a Security Deposit

Everyone should be concerned about identity theft and we all know we need to take measures to prevent it. There are many high-tech ways to steal someone’s identity and we’re familiar with the high-tech ways of combating them, yet there are many things we do in our daily lives that can easily lead to us becoming a victim of identity theft – things that don’t have anything at all to do with technology.

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Vacationing with Credit Cards

Why Taking All Your Credit Cards on Vacation Is a Bad Idea

If you are like most people, you probably have several different credit cards. If you are planning an upcoming vacation, not only do you need to take care when packing your suitcases, you also need to be concerned about what you put in your wallet. I highly recommend that you don’t carry all of your credit cards with you when you travel.

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