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July 29, 2006

Let’s Hold Someone Accountable For Identity Theft

Who Says We Can’t Fight Back When Identity Theft Rears Its Ugly Head?

As someone who thinks of identity theft cretins as less than the maggots in the dung left behind by a horse, I will admit I get quite riled up when I think about the many forms of identity theft that happen each and every day. However, the cases of identity theft that really irk me the most are the ones that could have been prevented by financial institutions. For example, those who have had checking accounts opened under their social security numbers, but with a different name. We all know the bank could have prevented that had they bothered to check the social security number with a credit check or some other verification means. I say it’s time to fight back.

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July 22, 2006

Beware The Botnet

What’s a Botnet?

It used to be that a botnet was simply a program used by technologically-advanced criminals to send spam, perform Internet attacks and spread spyware. Unfortunately, botnets have now become a playground for misguided delinquents, depraved rejects and, of course, identity theft fiends.

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July 19, 2006

Some Good News About The War on Identity Theft

More Changes in Identity Theft Rules

As much as I complain about the lack of identity theft protection offered to consumers by the government and big businesses, I also am the first to stand up and applaud when positive changes start to take place. Now is one of those times.

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July 14, 2006

Facts about Identity Theft Insurance

Is Identity Theft Insurance Right For You?

Hundreds of thousands of people have been victimized by identity theft so the fact that it’s a serious concern and a substantial risk is no surprise. To the relief of many, there is a way to insure yourself against the devastation identity theft can inflict. Identity theft insurance can protect you from identity theft losses just like auto insurance can protect you from auto-related losses and home insurance can protect you from home-related losses.

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July 12, 2006

Fighting the Debt Collection Agencies That Don’t Sympathize With Identity Theft

Sometimes Debt Collection Agencies Take Things Too Far

I have been known to discuss the dishonorable tactics of many a debt collection agency. Unfortunately, I have recently discovered that some debt collection agencies don’t just break the law and harass people with legitimate debts -- they also break the law and harass people who have been victimized by identity theft. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft and an unscrupulous debt collection agency is trying to get the best of you, there are some things you should know.

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July 8, 2006

Has YOUR Social Security Number Been Stolen for Employment Fraud?

A Growing Identity Theft Problem

We keep hearing that measures are being taken to combat identity theft. People are monitoring their credit reports, shredding credit applications and installing safety programs on their computers. While some may say identity theft is on the decrease, a certain form of identity theft certainly seems to be on the rise.

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July 7, 2006

Can Someone Steal Your Email to Send Spam?

Your Identity Isn’t The Only Thing That Can Be Stolen From You

You wake up one morning, head to your computer and turn it on. You pour yourself a cup of coffee as you’re waiting for the computer to boot up and you go back to your desk and log into your email account. To your surprise, there are hundreds of messages in your inbox. Boy, the spam jerks must have been busy last night! The only problem is, you were the spammer and you don’t even realize it.

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July 4, 2006

Getting Rid of Internet Footprints on Your Computer

A Quick and Easy Way to Get Added Computer Privacy

The vast amount of personal information our computers contain can be quite overwhelming. If someone were to gain access to your computer, not only would they be able to check out all of your files, they would even be able to tell what websites you have visited and what you’ve been doing on the Internet. While that may not actually be an identity theft risk, it is a privacy issue. Luckily, there are ways to stop the average individual from gaining access to this information.

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July 3, 2006

New Identity Theft Service May Benefit Consumers

An Identity Theft Service That Goes Beyond Credit Monitoring

We’re all concerned about identity theft and most of us have been looking for ways to reduce our risk of identity theft and check to be sure we haven’t yet become victims. From shredding our personal documents to keeping a constant eye on our credit reports, the war on identity theft seems to be getting more involved and complicated. However, a new identity theft service may be the answer to what many consumers have been looking for.

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July 1, 2006

Another Computer Program to Fight Identity Theft

Security Task Manager Can Help Deter Identity Theft

As most of you know, I believe you can never be too careful when it comes to the security of one’s computer. After all, our computers usually hold sensitive information like our name, birth date, social security number and credit card numbers. This information is exactly what criminals need to commit identity theft. It would only make sense that we should take measures to protect that information. While I always said a combination of an effective antivirus program, anti-spyware program and a firewall provides adequate protection, today I was proven wrong.

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